Ride with us! We will bike through the most secret alleys in town and you will discover unexpected and unusual views of Rome.

We will pass through the roads that where once crossed by the men who made this city eternal.

The charm of the ancient Roman ruins, the beauty of the palaces home of the great popes, the great monuments of an European capital …. an exciting ride for an unusual tour of Rome!

Price includes: bike rental, helmet and lock.

We visit together:

Quirinale Square, Serpenti Square (Monti), Colosseum, Circo Maximum, Tiber Island, Santa Maria in Trastevere Church (Trastevere), Sisto Bridge, Farnese Palace, Campo dei Fiori Square, Sant’Angelo Castel, Coronari Street, Navona Square, Spanish Steps, Margutta Street, Popolo Square, Borghese Park (Pincio), Borghese Palace.