You met John Jameson in a bar, he brought you in his secret distillery and you both got drunk. You woke up several hours after and Mr. Jameson is gone. The distillery is about to explode and you have one hour to go through clues and puzzles, solve the problem and escape!!!

  • Solve clues to release the door of an escape room distillery
  • Use the history of the Jameson whiskey family to help you solve puzzles and problems
  • Try to beat the clock to open the door, and get help from a master gamer if needed


Small group escape room activity

Not included Bus tickets
Duration 1 hour
Participants From 2 to 6 participants
LanguagesEnglish, Italian
Opening hours 19/07/2020 - 31/12/2021 Fri Sat 18:00 - 22:00

Further information

Do something different during your time in Rome and take part in an amazing escape room experience. Try to escape to safety by solving clues in less than an hour. Imagine you met a man in a bar, who then took you to his secret distillery where you both got drunk. You woke up several hours later and he is gone! The distillery is about to explode and you have 1 hour to solve puzzles in order to escape alive. Everything about the Jameson Irish whiskey family can be found around you to help you get out of the room intact. Solve code after code to open one box after another and find new tips to release the final code to open the door. Benefit from the help of a master gamer who will follow your every move and, if necessary, give suggestions. Challenge your curiosity and rational skills to solve all the puzzles and win a prize.


YellowSquare Via Palestro, 51, Roma, RM, Italia
Termini Station
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