The tour is exactly what it sounds like in the title. We make a large circle of downtown Rome, visiting several sights, including the Colosseum, Pantheon, Jewish Ghetto, Mouth of Truth, Circus Maximus, Piazza Venezia, Roman Forum, and more! The tour is taken at an easy pace. The group stops for some of Rome’s best gelato, coffee and pizza (not included in price). We sum up the history, grandeur, power and influence of the world’s most famous and prolific empire. The tour covers the history of Rome from the conquering and pillaging of the rowdy Ancient Romans to the culture of the modern Italians. After the tour, you will think Roman History is incredible.

We visit together:

Circo Massimo, The Palantine hill, The Aventine hill, The Garden of Oranges, The Mouth of Truth, Forum Boarium, The Theater of Marcellus, The Jewish Ghetto, Largo di Torre Argentina, The Pantheon, Piazza Venezia, Trajans Column, The Roman Forum, The Colosseum


  • We don’t go inside the sites, you can go right after if you want to

    • So the cost of the tour doesn’t include entry to any of the sites?

      • Hi!
        During the tour it is possible to visit inside Circo Massimo, Santa Sabina Church and Pantheon, while it isn’t included the visit into the Colosseum.
        All the best

  • can i do the baroque free tour in the morning and continue on with the All Over tour right after?

  • Hi, I’m wanting to know if the All Over tour goes to the Trevi fountain, Piazza de Nova and Spanish Steps? Also, will the Night Tours be available on Monday and Tuesday?



  • Filipa Rodrigues

    Hello 🙂

    I would like to book a tour for March 4th 2016 for 2 people. We will be staying at the Yellow Hostel. Can we pay on the day of the tour?

    Thank you
    Filipa Rodrigues

  • Thankyou Tom. Best tour ever your story telling brought Rome alive for us. Would recommend to everyone. Jan 2016

  • Fernanda Vedana

    hi! i did this tour a few weeks ago, with Erik as tourguide! thank yoh so much for such a great afternoon 🙂 we only had a weekend in rome, and this was perfect! recomend it!

    • Dear Fernanda,
      thank you for your comment.
      We are happy you spent a great afternoon with us! 🙂

  • Jenni and Moumen

    Today we did the all over tour with Marco.
    We had a fantastic time, he is a great tour guide with so much knowledge, we really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend him!!

    • Dear Jenni and Moumen,
      thank you for your comment!!!
      We are happy that you enjoy it and spent a good time with Marco!!! 🙂
      We would be happy if you leave a review on our Tripadvisor profile.

  • My friend and I really enjoyed our tour today with Marco. He was very knowledgeable and charismatic! I would very much advise taking a tour if you are interested in learning more about the cultural aspects and history of this beautiful city.
    Thank you very much!

    • Dear Annabelle,
      thank you for your comment!!!
      We are happy that you love our tour and you spent a great time with Marco!
      We would be happy if you leave a review on our Tripadvisor profile

  • A friend and I stayed at the Yellow for 4 nights and loved it! We went on the “All Over” tour and had a blast! Very informative and hit a lot of sights!! Erik was our tour guide and he was awesome!!!

  • Marco was a great tour guide, he really knows his stuff and we not only saw most of the great monuments of Rome but we learned a lot too – ate some good food on the way as well.

  • Valentina Valdes

    Hi, I’m wanting to know if the All Over tour goes to the Trevi fountain, Piazza de Nova and Spanish Steps? Also, after the tour I can go inside te Colosseum??

    Thank you,


    • Dear Valentina,
      the All Over tour doesn’t go in Trevi fountain, Piazza de Nova and Spanish Steps.
      But you can do the Sunset tour to visit with us this beautiful monuments.
      Yes, at the end of the All Over tour you will arrive in front of the Colosseum and you will visit the Colosseum inside.

  • Do you still run the tours in January??

    • Dear Ashley,
      Yes, we run the tours in January, but with different starting time.
      I suggest you to check in the next weeks on our website.

  • Fantastic Tour!! Ken is incredibly knowledgeable, and very welcoming! Would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants a fun and comprehensive insight into Roman History!

  • Do you go to mainly the same places on the all over tour and in the dark tour? I am only in Rome for 2 days so want to see as much of it as possible and wondered if these 2 trips would help me do that or whether I would be duplicating?
    Thank you 🙂

    • Dear Gemma,
      the All over tour and Rome in the dark are two different tours:
      during the All over tour you will visit the ancient roman ruins and seeing beautiful monuments as Circo Massimo, Pantheon, Colosseum and more;
      the Rome in the dark shows you the monuments of the baroque period, the churches built by the great popes of the XVII century, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps and more.
      Following the tours you will have a complete view of the city center of Rome.
      All the best


    I am planning to take ‘Rome in dark tour’ and ‘Bike tour’.
    Are these two enough to cover major portions of Rome or should I take ‘All over tour’ also?

    • Hi,
      in general the tours were planned to cover different itineraries of Rome and to show you the city under a different light, but it can happen that we pass during the tours in the same famous places as Piazza Navona or Spanish Square.
      Here you can find the highlight of each tour:

      All Over – 4 hours:
      Circo Massimo
      The Palantine hill
      The Aventine hill
      The Garden of Oranges
      The Mouth of Truth
      Forum Boarium
      The Theater of Marcellus
      The Jewish Ghetto
      Largo di Torre Argentina
      The Pantheon
      Piazza Venezia
      Trajan’s Column
      The Roman Forum
      The Colosseum

      Rome in the Dark – 2 hours and half:
      Piazza Barberini
      The Triton Fountain
      The Fountain of Three Bees
      The Trevi Fountain
      Santa Maria della Minerva
      Piazza Sant’ Eustachio
      Piazza Navona
      The Fountain of Four Rivers
      Sant’Agnese in Agone
      Column of Marcus Aurelius
      Via Condotti
      The Spanish Steps
      Trinità dei Monti

      Bike Tour – 4 hours:
      Quirinale Square
      Serpenti Square (Monti)
      Circo Massimo
      Tiber Island
      Santa Maria in Trastevere Church (Trastevere)
      Ponte Sisto
      Palazzo Farnese
      Campo dei Fiori
      Castel Sant’Angelo
      Via dei Coronari
      Navona Square
      Spanish Steps
      via Margutta
      Piazza del Popolo
      Villa Borghese (Pincio)
      Palazzo Borghese

      I hope to helped you.
      If you need don’t hesitate to contact me again.

  • Suliman BHANA

    can you tell me if the Rome all Over Tour is available on the 23rd 24th and 25th of April,2017.
    I’m having a problem on tripadvisor

  • Can I purchase one of your tours if I’m not staying at your hostel?

  • Augusto Castro

    Hi, how are you ?!

    Me and my boyfriend will be staying at Yellow in June and want to do this tour.
    My question is if this tour of access to the Colosseum, if we can enter the tour, or do we need to buy the tickets before?

    Thanks see you soon! 😉

    • Hi!
      Thank you to pick our activity!
      The All Over tour doesn’t include the Colosseum visit.
      The last tour’s stop is in front of the Colosseum.
      You could visit the Colosseum after the tour and if you buy the ticket on line you can skip the line.
      For other questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • My tour guide frank or franchesco was awesome! Very knowledgable and he took me around with a few secret stops. Would go again for sure!

  • Hola, hay tour en español?

  • Hi, is there a size limit for the tours? I am staying at the Yellow hostel from 1 July – 4 July, and am interested in doing the Sunset Tour on the 1st and and the All Over Tour on the 2nd. I was hoping to pay when when I arrived at the hostel but I know it is a popular time of year for people to be visiting Rome, so didn’t want the tour to be booked out!

    • Dear Cecilia,
      we have a maximum size of 15 pax for the walking tours (All Over, Sunset and Catholic).
      You can book on line or at the desk of the Yellow Hostel.
      For July I suggest you to book the tours before 😉
      All the best

  • Marco, was our guide. He is very kind and all the time he gave us good explanations about ROME.
    Definetly I recomend Marco as tour guide.

  • It was an incredible day. Thanks to our guide Francesco

  • Great tour by Marco! He did a great job explaining everything and took us everywhere! Definitely recommended this to everyone. He was the best!

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