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Let’s face it. Rome is big. Cycling is a great way to get around the city quickly and in a single outing. With our local guide, you will navigate the small and winding streets to discover the most unexpected and unusual sights of Rome. This journey takes you off the beaten path, and over the MORE…

Learn to make (then eat!) pasta from scratch. No previous experience is necessary Follow our chef, through the markets of Rome (we love it) to the Yellow kitchen and learn to make classic pasta dishes. When the aprons are off, everyone lunches accompanied by series of locally selected wines. After all, no trip to Italy MORE…

Lunch in Italy is always a party! Whether you are invited to a wedding, a Christmas dinner, or simply lunch by a friend, there is only one rule that you must obey to feel like a real Italian… taste all the tasty dishes that will be offered to you because you will not be able MORE…

You met John Jameson in a bar, he brought you in his secret distillery and you both got drunk. You woke up several hours after and mr jameson is gone. The distillery is about to explode and you have one hour to go through clues and puzzles, solve the problem and escape !!!

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