Take a picture as a boy or girl of the XIX century, learn how to build and use a camera for a one shot photo! The pinhole image, produced by a camera obscura system, is the oldest typology of photograph. The idea of camera obscura dates from V and IV B.C. and the first camera obscura was created in IX century A.D. Than a lot of scientists as Isaac Newton and Leonardo Da Vinci worked on this machine. The first photo, took by camera obscura system, was developed in 1850. ……a great story that you can relive with us taking part in this activity!

The photographer Susanna reveals you the secrets of vintage photo, shows you how build the camera, brings you around the Colosseum to choose the best point from where taking the picture by yourself and than you will enter together into the camera obscura where it will be possible to follow the development of your pictures. Passion and risk are the ingredients of class: remember that you can take only one picture with the pinhole method!! Are you ready?! Let’s go!!